Thursday, 27 October 2011

The simple things

Concentrating hard on the task in mind!!

Sometimes a simple item can keep a little one entertained and learning for ages!!My little girl has found something new and exciting in her instrument box. Something that has been in there for a long time, but she has now discovered in a different light........a wooden frog scraper!! It was a wooden instrument we found in one of those brilliant new age quirky shops and thought it would add a different dimension to her instrument collection amongst the plastic ones she has too.

But, she hasn't been using it to create a sound, she has found the little hole on the side where the wooden beater goes and has been spending lots of time trying to work out how it fits inside. She has been carrying it around with her and stopping every so often to try it again, concentrating very hard on it.

She is not only increasing her concentration skills, but also she is gaining hand eye co -ordination and fine motor skills, just by simply doing this one motion. I am keeping an eye on her other interests at the moment to see if any patterns are emerging in her play, as I think there may be a schema developing (more on that as I observe her more!!)

It just goes to show that you can never underestimate the objects your child plays with. Even if you bought them for one purpose, they could end up learning from them in a totally different way!!!

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