Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Rain, Rain don't go away!!

Rain may be annoying when you are stuck inside, but can be a great teaching aid for your child!!
My little girl has taken a liking to the rain. She spent at least 10 mins at the patio door today watching the rain fall down outside and constantly repeating "Raining! Eurgh!" I opened the door a little so she could hear the rain falling onto the ground and in the trees and she really seemed enthralled by what she was seeing. We didn't go out on this occasion, much to her dislike, but it really gave me food for thought to look into how rain can boost a child's development.

When working in a Pre- school and nursery environment, I often found that many staff would not wish to take the children outside in the rain. Thankfully, I have also worked in places where the children are encouraged to venture out in the rain, putting on their wellies and exploring the environment as it changes into a watery wonderland.

So, what do children learn from playing in the rain?

1. Moving with increasing control (Physical Dev)
2. Looking closely at similarities , differences, pattern and change (Knowledge and Understanding of the world)
3. Using their large motor skills
4. Using new words like wet, rain, drip, splash, wet, dry, puddle, drizzle, shower and Downpour!

Something as simple as splashing in puddles or collecting rain in plastic bottles can also help with Mathematical development (counting puddles, measuring how much you have collected) Knowledge and understanding of the world can also be developed by creating ripples in puddles (cause and effect) as well as finding items to float or sink in puddles!! The possibilities are endless indeed!!

So, next time it rains, get out there! The forecast is for rain tomorrow and we are going out regardless!!! I am ready to splash!!

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