Sunday, 9 October 2011

Playing with Pegs

How a simple item such as a peg is actually teaching my little one more than you could imagine!!
Like a lot of children, my daughter has a lot of fantastic toys to play with, but it is the everyday items around the house which are most appealing!! Her latest favourites are pegs. She is fascinated with how I can clip them to things and has spent ages studying them trying to work out how on earth they work!!

Pegs are a great tool for encouraging hand to eye co ordination and fine motor skills. They have so many different capabilities for teaching children new skills, under adult supervision as they can hurt too!! Here are some advantages of peg play:

* They can actually help children to write!! By teaching children how to squeeze the pegs to get them to open, you are actually strengthening the hand muscles and preparing them for holding a pencil correctly.

* They can be used to teach colours, if using plastic coloured pegs. You can sort them into colour piles too!

* They can be used for counting games, such as counting them as you put them back into the peg bag or any container!

* Containers can also be used for hiding the pegs, covering them with lids and shaking to create your very own peg shaker!!

* You can wash some dolls clothes and make a hand made washing line outside using string or wool, allowing your child to peg the clothes out to dry (this was a great activity I used to do in child care settings!!)

* Wooden pegs can be painted for fun and many craft places even have mini pegs for creating crafty pictures, cards and scrap booking!!

So, let the little ones in your care explore pegs!! You could send me your pictures and I will put them on the website for all to see!!!! Email your pictures to

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