Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Keeping the food ideas fresh and interesting

I am trying to keep my daughter interested in a range of foods by introducing new foods as much as I can
It is amazing how bored I was getting serving my daughter the same old finger foods and I started to try experimenting with new ideas, still keeping them as healthy as I could. She isn't a big fan of hard fruits, but I found that trying other fruits such as mango, melon and raspberries as well as her favourite banana and grapes has proved to be a hit!!

The most recent thing I have tried is bread sticks and celery with dips. She wasn't so keen on the celery, but the dips have proved a big hit, and a messy one at that!! So far, Hummus and Sour cream and chive have been received well and we have a few others to try, along with trying carrot sticks and slices of cucumber next week!!

When trying new foods, it is important to remember that a child has to try things at least 20 times before you can really believe that they don't like something. That is why every week or so, I try her again to see if her tastes have changed.

So far, her finger food favourites are:

Bread sticks,
Babybel cheese
Heinz cheese biscuits
Organix snacks
Mango strips
Melon Strips
Jam on bread

Melba toast with Dairylea
Cheese scones
Fruit scones
Grated carrot

These are just a few ideas which you may or may not have tried yourselves. What works for you which I haven't tried yet? I would love to hear your ideas!!!

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