Saturday, 15 October 2011

The importance of laughter

One way I have managed to keep children's attention and help them learn is to make them laugh!!

Any one who has worked with me in the past can vouch for the fact that I don't mind making an idiot of myself in front of children. I revel in a child's laugh and the fact that I made them laugh in the first place!! I dressed up and created characters and made learning fun.......I even had an alter ego (known as Mrs Handbag!!) Ahhh the adventures she had!!!!

But there is an educational reason why making a child laugh can be so beneficial. It builds a child's vocabulary and supports creative thinking as well as building self esteem!!! I found an interesting site which underlines the different stages of humour development ( which is worth a read.

It is great when our little one laughs. She is now laughing when other people laugh, she doesn't understands the jokes, but she loves being part of it!! Today's hilarity came from her Daddy hiding behind the bath and popping his head up, resting his nose on the ledge. Not the world's best joke from a self named comedy genius (!!) but to her the funniest thing she had seen since the last edition of Something Special!! At her age (15 months), the smallest, silliest things are funny and anything involving falling over, nudging Mummy with her feet on a swing and tipping her toys into the bath are the funniest things she has ever seen!!

So, what has made your little one laugh today?? I would love to hear your stories!! Email me @


This is my little ones first laugh........apologies it is on it's side, but I am sure it will still make you smile!!

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