Monday, 3 October 2011

Halloween recipe - Witches Broomsticks

The first of a few recipes this month in preparation for Halloween

With Halloween only a matter of weeks away, the supermarket shelves are stocked with party ideas and novelty items. If you are planning a party, it is fantastic to have a range of interesting foods to offer your guests. We held a Halloween party before our little one was born and had a great time pooling together recipes to try (My sister was fab helping out!!) So here is the first of a few recipes I will post to give you some ideas!

Witches broomsticks - quick, easy and simple!!

You will need:

Packet soft cheese

Simply take a breadstick, dip into the soft cheese and add the twiglets in the cheese to create the end of the broom!! Simple and yet so effective (plus they taste pretty good!!)

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