Sunday, 16 October 2011

Finding fun events for free!!

Today we had an eventful visit to a Family Day.........with free admission!!
As today is "family day", it was time to go for a little drive and enjoy the sunshine. I had seen an event advertised in my copy of Baby Hampshire, describing a family day at Fontwell Race course and had written it in the diary a few weeks ago as our family day trip.

There was so much on offer and for everyone to see. There were rabbits, pigs, ducks, chicks, lambs, birds of prey, a fire engine, free craft activities, zumba, stalls, tricycle riding, Father Christmas walking by............the list went on and on!! You could even get a family portrait done and take it home with you for a brilliant price of £10!!! Pity we had just had one done yesterday or we would have jumped at the chance!!

With the weather being so good, everybody had come out for a lovely day. Grandparents, Aunties, uncles as well as parents and friends all sat in the sun enjoying the entertainment and some even had brought a picnic along!!

It just goes to show that sometimes you can have a fun day out which hardly costs a penny! Just by reading local advertisements in newspapers, magazines and fliers you can find wonderful events to participate in. I would like to say how well the organisers had done with today's event and we have already earmarked my parents to join us if the event happens again next year as we had such a lovely day!!! And of course, a balloon makes the day just that extra special in our little girls mind!!

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