Friday, 21 October 2011

Everybody needs good friends

When parenting is tough on us all, it is great to have other parents to rely on

Just recently, I have really realised how having other Mums around you to become a social network you can always rely on. I have been to a party with my lovely daughter today, spending time with other mums who I have met and become good friends with through the local children's centre. Just listening to our conversations around the room, it is amazing how supportive we are to one another!

You do often take friends for granted and quite often I have sat at home wondering to myself what I can do to entertain my daughter, or if I am having a bad day with her, I begin to feel greatly sorry for myself. But then today I realised that there are other Mums who often feel the same and sometimes just a vent of frustrations can be so helpful and realiving. I have had a bad back recently, and one of the Mums has offered to be there for me as a support if I need help at home, or just need a break from my little one for an hour or so.

It is largely because I attended the Children's centre that I have made such a good network of friends. We have all really jelled and our children seem to really love one anothers company. We all seem to have similar views on parenting and help one another with advice and a comforting shoulder to cry on if things are too much. I am so glad I made the decision to not sit at home alone and went out to the Children's centre to socialise for I have made friends I will always treasure. It is something I feel any parent should do for themselves and their children!

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