Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Coping with boredom

It isn't always easy being a stay at home Mum!! Boredom can really set in!!

Frustration has really set in!! After watching yet another episode of Peppa Pig with my daughter totally entranced and snorting away, I have realised yet again that life as a stay at home Mum is not as glamorous as it seems!!

I do count myself very lucky to be in this position, and I really wouldn't swap it for the world, but sometimes the days seem to just merge into one and sometimes it even feels like Groundhog day!! I long for days when we have something planned, especially as when she was born, I signed up for as many courses as i could at the Children's centre. Now, I have done all the courses I feel i will benefit from and I am desperately trying to find things to occupy us at home!

I do not drive, and although I could easily jump on a bus somewhere, having the money to do so isn't always there, especially when the bus drivers moan if you don't have the money in correct change!! It is most tough when it is raining and the local park becomes too wet to visit and the last thing on your mind is venturing outside.

It can be quite lonely at times. All the people you know best are usually at work, meaning you are quite isolated at times. I often feel that having a baby actually as made me an outsider. I don't hear from my old work friends any more and everybody seems to get on with their lives whilst I am stuck in the same old four walls. You satrt to realise who your real friends really are! But, I have the pleasure of my wonderful little girl. Thing is, she doesn't like me trying to get any housework done, clinging to my leg or moaning if I shut the kitchen stair gate to get the floor swept! It is exhausting!!

We do play plenty of games together. Drawing, painting, reading stories.........but there is only so many times you can read the same old books!!! Thank goodness for the days we have out going to groups twice a week..........if only it was more than twice!! I love her to pieces, but I often long for the phone to ring or the door to go, just for some adult conversation!!!

The best I can say as advice for any stay at home Mum is to keep yourself busy, plan activities with your child and do your utmost to get out there and meet new people in local groups. These friends often lead to play dates, which I personally love having around our house!!! And if you ever feel lonely, just remember you are not alone............you have your lovely child to be with and although they aren't always the best conversation, when they laugh or smile it's worth a few hours on your own!!!


  1. Brilliant post. You sum up what it's like at times. I agree you have to keep busy so you don't feel bored. It's not playing with the children I find boring but the endless tidying and cooking and cleaning. It's such a drudge.

    Would love it if you'd link this to my Tuesday Tea and Sympathy blog hop!

  2. Happy to add you to my links page, if you could do the same for me on your site it would be much appreciated! Its a great blog btw, a great read!!

  3. i so know that feeling clair, u describe it to a t, parenting is sometimes a very lonely job and single parenting even more so, i wouldnt change it for the world but its a lonely place xx ur doing a fab job on here hun, i love it xx