Thursday, 20 October 2011

Another teething remedy idea

We have discussed Amber as a natural teething remedy, but how about reflexology?

I was looking through a parenting magazine today which had an article about several remedies which can help children's ailments, especially teething. One which I had not seen before was reflexology. I decided to do some more research into it to see how it is supposed to help.

Reflexology is the massaging of pressure points on a child's feet and hands. It is believed that the hands and feet are linked to various areas of the body and by applying pressure to these points can help to heal affected areas. It can be used to help with sleep problems, teething pain, colic and to boost immune systems. Many courses are available out there to teach parents how to perform baby reflexology on their child.

The benefits of baby reflexology are:

1. It can be carried out anywhere........ all you need to do is remove their socks!!

2. It is a safe and natural alternative therapy

3. You do not need any special creams or oils, just literally your own touch

4. It can actually strengthen the bond between parent and child.

It is an interesting concept. A friend of mine had actually shown me some cards with the pressure points on a hand and foot diagram which was really interesting. It has definitely intrigued me!!!

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