Thursday, 22 September 2011

What is a learning journal

Many parents and even some practitioners do not really know what a learning journal here is some info!!

It can be ever so go to your child's nursery or pre school for parents evening and a folder or booklet is thrust at you to read. You are told it your child's "learning Journal". But, are things really explained to you? Especially when sometimes your time with your child's key person is only 10 mins long!!

A learning journal is a document containing observations, work, notes, photos and observations of your child's development throughout their time within a setting. It should reflect your child's interests and personality as well as be a tool for staff to use in order to push their learning further. They do vary in how they are presented from setting to setting, but the information will have the same purpose. A good setting should ask you to contribute to the journal, giving them observations which you have made at home or outings they have enjoyed.

Learning journals should be on hand whenever you wish to see them. You should only have to ask and staff in the setting should hand it to you. There should be information about the 6 areas of learning as laid out by the EYFS. You can read about these in depth on the EYFS website. The observations made on your child should be linked to these areas of learning and include notes on how the staff plan to help your child to move on in their development.

So, that is a little about learning journals which I hope has made things a little clearer! if you are still unsure, ask your child's key person to explain it to you!!

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