Sunday, 18 September 2011

The things you need as a parent!

Here is my take on what every parent needs when delving into parenthood!
As a first time Mum, I have started to realise the kind of things nobody really told me you should have before becoming a parent. Of course there are the usual things in terms of clothing and equipment........but there is so much more!! Here are my top ten things you need:

1. Patience : When your little one wont bring up their wind and you've been trying for an hour and its 4 am and you just want some sleep!!!!!!! There are plenty of times your child tries your patience and it gets more and more as they get older!!

2. The power to say NO!! : Not just to your child, but to the people who want to shower your child with gifts or want to take over when you are soooooooo close to getting them off to sleep.....or even just giving advice you just don't believe in!!

3. Being able to stand up for yourself : You know your child is not know somethings not right......... so stand firm and tell them so!!

4. organisation skills : having the ability to juggle your child's social life with your own manic schedule as well as knowing what to get for your little ones friends birthdays, where you put their blanket and if you fed the rabbit today or not!!! And did I pack enough nappies????

5. crying interpretation skills : Oh yes........they are crying because they need a nappy change.........or is it hunger.........or maybe they are just bored??? Get out the checklist until you find the correct answer lol!!

6. knowing how to count in weeks and months!!! : For the first few months its all in weeks, then your child isn't 1....they are 12 months. Not good when you are rubbish at maths!!

7. how to bite your lip : When you see other parents let their child run riot, or tell you happily about their choice of gourmet food for their child, which you really don't agree with!!

8. how to act like a loon for laughs!! : Keeping your child entertained can be extremely hilarious....especially for those watching you. Ok, so I had had a little practice when working with children before baby arrived, but still you have to be prepared to look like a loon!!!

9. Being a parent is tiring, but rewarding : No one can ever describe to you how you will feel when you hold your little child's hand for the first time, or when they say their first words, or write their name. It is priceless, no matter how many times they wake you up at night.

10. We all make mistakes : No body is a perfect parent! Every day is a learning curve, but one you take as a journey with your child.

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  1. I particularly agree with Number 8!!!!

    I love watching my daughter laugh at all the stupid things I do for her... Chasing her round on the floor and making funny faces and allsorts!

    That's where the fun is!!!!