Monday, 26 September 2011

Proof that we really do make a difference

Sometimes you can make an impression on children without even realising it!

Back in 2002, I realised how much of an impression I made in my role as a nursery nurse when one of the children in my key group entered a picture of me in a competition in Nursery World magazine. The simple picture, which shows me as a brightly coloured smiling person with big hair and a button nose! The caption "She helps me do my painting and drawing. She's doing water play. She tips water on the floor. She does get me wet sometimes!!" This simple picture came 2nd in the under 5's category, and we got a trip to London to see the picture displayed in the Royal academy of art!!

You never truly know what a child thinks about you. You do your best to create a relationship with them within the workplace, relationships which sometimes last for years, as I have mentioned before. This is why it is best that you keep yourself as professional as possible. No matter what anyone says, it is natural to have emotional attachments to the children you work with. It is also natural that you may have "favourites" which is a faux pas, but does happen. In these cases, you have to push your emotions aside and treat every child in your care the same, no matter how you feel.

I learnt to do this through quite tough circumstances, when I had children from the age of 6 months all the way until they went to school, as I trained as a nursery nurse and moved up age groups with them. By the time they went to school, I knew so much about them and was very sad to see them go. I often felt great pride when taking children to school visits as part of the pre school / school transfers. I guess in many ways, being a nursery nurse did teach me a little about what emotions people go through as a parent. I am not saying it is the same, but I definitely understood the pride parents felt as I saw their children's first steps, saw them make friends and write their names for the first time.

I guess what I am trying to say in this post is that you should never take a job in childcare for granted. You give your all to the job and can get so much back. And even if you can make a difference to one family or child in your career, it is so worth it.

Go on all you practitioners out what you do!!!!

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