Wednesday, 14 September 2011

A little bit about accidents with children

Accidents happen with young children, and its all part of the learning process
My daughter got her first war wounds from her trip to our local toddler group today. It was an accident, and she did cry. But, all is forgotten now and she is happy as anything! If anything, I was a little tearful about it, even though I know it was an accident. Its the knowing your child is hurt and when you can see it too, you do feel very protective!!

Accidents at Pre schools and childcare settings happen. It is all part of the learning process. Bumps and scrapes from learning to walk or running to fast and tripping. Falling off of things that have been climbed all goes on! Accidents between children also happen frequently, such as bumping heads and sometimes children not realising they are being rough, especially toddlers. So, when do parents need to be concerned?

It is never nice when your child is harmed, accidentally or on purpose. You will find in nursery situations, staff will not tell you who harmed your child, but your child would probably do that! At a parent and toddler group, you would see for yourself. If the same child continually hurts your child, that would be the time to either speak to the parent of the child, or to seek a member of staffs advice. This can always be difficult, especially if you get on well with the other parent, but it could also be easier if you get on well. It is important to remember how the other parent may feel too. They may be embarrassed and upset that their child may have caused injury and therefore either be very quiet or turn defensive.

The best advice I can give is to stay calm. If you get stressed and irate, this can effect your child and can even prevent them from playing with other children in the future. It is best to sort the issue out calmly and as amicably as possible. If you are really unhappy, you can always withdraw your child from the group if you feel things will not change. It is a hard thing to decide and deal with, but remember there are other parents out there who have been through the same!

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