Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Keeping clean!

The importance of keeping your child clean and healthy!

Let us start with the cannot keep your child clean all the time! Especially once your little one is on the move, you cannot keep the dirt from finding its way to them! It is an ongoing battle, but there is no need to be a total clean freak! In fact, allowing your child to have a little contact with dirt can actually help strengthen the immune system.

How much bathing is too much?According to paediatricians in the US, we over bathe our children, which can strip the body's essential oils, leading to dry skin conditions. Skipping a day or two of bathing will not hurt them at all!

What if i forget to hoover the house one week? or neglect dusting? This is not a major issue, as the things that cause allergies and asthma are actually dust mites which settle mainly in bedding and carpets. If the bedding is covered by a mattress protector the chances of them multiplying is reduced. As long as dusting is done once every 3 weeks, you don't need to worry too much. Hoovering needs a little more constant attention, but don't worry if you miss a week here and there!

Should I wash my children's toys? Yes, especially when they are babies. An Anti bacterial cleaner is nest rather than bleach. A full guide to cleaning toys can be found at

Washing hands before meals? This is a very good practise to get children into, especially as they will be expected to do this in nurseries, pre schools and schools. the hands do collect a lot of germs when children are crawling along floors or exploring their surroundings. Washing hands before meals prevents germs getting into your child's delicate stomach.

These are just a few tips for keeping your child clean. If you have a specific question on hygiene, feel free to email me at

Many thanks to Jen for her lovely photo of her beautiful daughter enjoying her bath!!

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