Sunday, 25 September 2011


Getting out there and exploring nature is the best advice I can give anyone!!
There is so much in this world to experience!! In her first 14 months in existence, our daughter has seen 2 waterfalls, been to a butterfly farm, visited Birdworld and stroked goats and rabbits, been to the top of the Great Orme in Wales, visited aquariums and paddled in the sea and a river! We try our best to make sure we allow her to get a sense of the world around her and the stuff out there waiting for her to explore. We have decided to set aside a "Family Day" during the weekend where we do something together, just the 3 of us, and explore what the world has to offer!!

We go swimming once a fortnight as a family, but we also try to do walks, allowing her to smell, hear and see the world around her (and sometimes taste if we have a spot of lunch!!) This may be a walk to the park, a stroll down the beach or just a walk to the shops! She has a liking for cat and bird spotting at the moment, pointing and shouting "Miaow!" or "tweet tweet!" at the top of her voice when she sees them. She has even worked out and remembers where she has seen the cats in our road and will look for them every time we pass the spot! A simple walk to the park the other day allowed her to hear the crunch of the leaves as we pushed the pushchair through them (she had her head leaning over the front of the pushchair to look!!) and the birds foraging for food amongst them!

These may seem like simple activities for some, but little walks like this can open up so much interest and learning opportunities for children. The language that can be used by the adults accompanying the child can help them begin to talk and understand what is going on around them. The sounds of the birds singing spark attention (as does the bus going past in our case!)

Too many children are stuck indoors when they can be out exploring the great wide world. I definitely benefit from a little walk, we don't go far, but it is enough for me to get some fresh air in my lungs and enjoy sharing time with my daughter. There is also a great sense of pride that I gain from being the person introducing these wonders to her!!

So get out with your child and enjoy a little walk and have a wonder wander!!!!

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