Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Exploring light and Dark

The exploration of light and dark can teach children so much, and be lots of fun!
It is something that can really enthrall children. The Dark is so mysterious, so bewildering and exciting. And exploring how to make the dark light is just as fun!! First, some ideas for exploring natural light:
* WINTER is a fantastic time of year for exploring light and dark. When the sun is out, you can explore shadows . You may even get the chance to see a fantastic sunset as the nights draw in earlier.

Playing with light:

Make a room very dark and explore how you can make light with torches. You can create silhouettes on the wall. Add paper to the wall and you can draw the children's outline which can really fascinate them!

* Create a "light box" I have done this in a nursery pre school room and it worked really well. You need to make sure you have enough batteries though! We had tube lights, touch lamps, colour changing lights and the flashing lights you get at concerts and fairs! You can also add glow in the dark equipment to add further interest!

* A torch game - in the dark get the children to try and jump on the torchlight as you shine it in different locations of the floor! Great fun and helps physical development too!!

Exploring light and dark creatively:
* Create light and dark pictures using black paper and a range of bright coloured or white paint. Glitter can add great depth to the artwork too!

* Create stainless glass effect pictures by cutting shapes out of black paper and placing tissue paper behind the shapes. Place on the window to see the light coming through he colours

* Read stories such as "The owl who was afraid of the dark", "Owl babies" and "peace at last" to explore the differences of night and day and how darkness can make you feel

* projects on light and dark can lead to interests in space, which can be used to further the children's learning.

Email me with any ideas which have worked for you when exploring this topic!!

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