Thursday, 29 September 2011

Exploring different objects can be cool!!

How simply allowing your child to explore everyday objects can allow them to develop new skills
Today my little girl wanted to follow me outside as I hung out the washing. I took her outside and just let her crawl along the patio and explore her surroundings, keeping an eye out (especially by our rabbit hutch!!) After popping to say hello to Bonnie the Bunny, she found half of a broken plastic peg on the floor. After studying it intently for a few moments, she began to tap it on the ground. Then, she noticed the gravel path and a few stones that had been kicked onto the patio. Here was where she created her own little game...........moving the stone through the grooves in the patio using the broken peg!!!

By inventing this little game, she is developing her thought processes as well as her co ordination skills by moving the stone with the peg. It was fascinating to watch, and I was gutted my camera battery had run out!! Sometimes, it is the most simple objects that get your child to think in different ways. Another example is her sunglasses.......she isn't that keen on wearing them outside in the sun, so as she had 2 pairs, I placed a pair in one of her toy boxes. She now has started to want to wear them for a little while as she plays. She is willing because it is on her terms, and she initiated wearing them. As there is no pressure, she is starting to understand where they go and that the world looks different through them. I now can feel a little more confident that she may wear the,m willingly when she goes out!!

As long as the objects you offer your child are safe to explore (ie: no sharp edges, broken pieces) then there is no end to the items you can offer them!!! Simple items such as pegs, scouring pads, metal spoons, containers, boxes and lids can offer endless fun!! Whilst at my local group the other day, one of the children were exploring the swing lid bin by pushing the lid backwards and forwards. If you wash a small bin lid and take away the rubbish, there is no reason why you cannot let your child explore them!! It is a fantastic and simple way to observe their thought processes. Their learning can them be extended by offering similar activities and items, in this case a pin wheel that spins around or a water wheel for bath time.

So don't always be in a hurry to take things away from your child when they are exploring!
if the item is safe then watch them and see how they play with it and discover what your child could be thinking! It can be so rewarding, thought provoking and worthwhile!

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