Thursday, 20 October 2011

The wonders of music

There are great benefits of introducing music to children
Music is, and always has been, a big part of my life. I am part of a singing group and annoyed my parents for years with my singing in my room as a youth. But, although very annoying, I was actually doing my development a big favour! It is actually quite astounding how much music can actually do. Some of the benefits are :

Boosting language - Singing simple songs to children helps them to understand how language is constructed.

Teaching maths - By learning simple rhythm, which also leads to learning fractions and proportions in older children

Enhancing social skills - Children who take part in music activities as part of a group develop higher levels of understanding and empathy towards others

Expressing emotions - Children learn to express themselves through music and movement

There are many more benefits and research into music with children ( see or google "Music benefits for children") I have always found that children respond well to music and have spent many a time in nursery rooms bopping away with the children and making up dance routines! My daughter loves music and only today was found bopping away to Take That's new tune as they performed on television (I cant help it, I'm a fan!)

Even in the bath today, she was laughing and singing in her own little way to her musical fish bath toy! Her instrument box is one of her favourites and she loves to create sounds by shaking and banging the range of instruments I have offered to her. Singing time is a fantastic chance for children to learn tunes and rhythm's and even if you have a baby, you can sing anything to them. When Emily was a few days old, I sang many a pop tune to her whilst rocking her to sleep. She now finds Mummy singing Lady Gaga to her hilarious! (Although it could be the rubbish dancing that accompanies it!)

I introduced music from a very early stage, playing her music whilst she was in the womb. I played her classical, rock, pop........... anything goes! There has been much research into this, such as The Mozart Effect (look it up on google!) explaining the benefits to baby's brain. Music therapy has also been known to help children with special needs to help stimulate the brain.

So, no matter what your taste in music (explicit lyrics left aside please!!) explore music with children -practitioners and parents alike!!!!!

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